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Saturday, 5 July 2014

Relaxation in sauze, italy

Thanks for a good effort throughout the Day.

Danish bluebird on a hill top

Amongst others our martini bluebird made it over the mountains today. Well done everybody!

Did someone buy this guy a beer ?

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Some well earned drinks !

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Great drive today .....!


Bromyard Town reached new heights today!

Torquay Boys, loving it!

Better check your blind spot...


After an eventful day we made it past Mt St Bernard and Mt Blanc and we are still looking for a goat. We will see you tommorrow.

Peroni and pizza

One of the Pandoras see the way leading to peroni and some tasty pizza !!!

Ashok Swaminathan

Ashok Swaminathan

Scallywags on the mountain

Chickened out of the hardest route to make time for some sightseeing and Pizza! 1200 miles from Bristol.

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Here goes...

Just about to tackle the last mountain pass... wish us luck! 
Team OCP & FAB 1

Teams FAB1 and OCP about to make the final ascent!

Heading up the col de l'iseran, it was almost game over for the scab, (FAB1) which got really hot going up the first pass, but a couple of minor cooling system mods, permanently wired fan and front grill removed, she soldiers on taking big deep breaths of team OCPs granada's black diesel smog! Souze here we come!

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Turin won't stop him!

We've arrived!!

Whilst storming the alps in style, our Staguar came close to throwing its toys out the pram.

A mild overheating problem - so we took the sensible course of action.... That of course was a lovely alp-side restaurant for 2 hours!!

An hour from the bars at Sauze.... Get those beers chilled!!

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Competent Driver

Uh oh our competent driver seems to have fallen asleep, calls for one thing ....... The very challenging route !

The Unstoppables

1 down 2 to go!!

Yabba Dabba Doo have had to get a hire car. Such bad luck!

Thanks to Team Goat!!

Thanks to the Team Goat Lads for the help today..

Team 101st

Consequences of breaking the sound barrier..

Something for everyone to laugh

Ash 2 of pandoras locked car with all keys inside. Ash 1  (handy man) of pandoras fixed it with a ruler !! Some story to tell !!!


Snow ball fight in the Alps

Pimpmobile mk1 is in the ghetto in the sky...

Unfortunately pimpmobile mk1 was the victim of a drive by (or blown head gasket) and is no longer with us.

After a night in brussels the phantom pimps have a new whip...it may look as good from the outside but it's definitely pimpin' on the in

See you in Sauze!

Phantom Pimps


101st had a nice meal last night #moreish

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Trouble in thun

Paddy and the popes are seeking divine intervention in thun.

Thumbs up !

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Let's go !

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We're leading the pack...

... So, good luck everyone !

Team 101st!!

We're ready !

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The scores so far!

ID Team Name Car Points Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Total
40816 Sisters of Mercy 1000 1530       2530
40809 The Mystery Machine 1000 1500       2500
40789 Skintstones 1000 1470       2470
40805 Paddy and the Popes 750 1500       2250
40782 The Doctors 1000 1130       2130
40781 Les and Lloyd 1000 1110       2110
40826 The Devon Gents 500 1490       1990
40796 Good Idea 750 1210       1960
40822 Here Be Dragons 750 1155       1905
40774 Yabba Dabba Doo! 500 1275       1775
40764 Animal Antics 750 970       1720
40813 The Ghetto Pigs 500 1210       1710
40812 Team Sola 750 950       1700
40785 Team Goat 1000 620       1620
40767 The Two Amigos 750 860       1610
40760 101st 1000 560       1560
40786 The Ring busters 1000 530       1530
40757 Lifeline Leprechauns 500 990       1490
40775 The Unstoppables 750 740       1490
40810 Pandoras of Perodua 250 1230       1480
40808 Pist'n'Broke 500 970       1470
40777 OCP 500 810       1310
40778 FAB1 500 735       1235
40787 Chocs Away 750 480       1230
40771 Torquay boys 500 540       1040
40756 Family Jones 1000 0       1000
40821 The Long Shafted Drivers 750 250       1000
40806 Uncle Alf Rides Again 250 680       930
40807 The Wonkas 750 150       900
40784 Crash Test Dummies 250 500       750
40817 Creepy coupe 750 0       750
40815 Vikings 2 750 0       750
40788 Bromyard 250 450       700
40825 Splat 250 400       650
40797 2 crips against the world 500 0       500
40776 3 Fools and a Codger 500 0       500
40793 Cirque du Codleil 500 0       500
40799 Diplomatic Immunity 500 0       500
40770 Dukes of Hazzard 500 0       500
40783 The Guards 500 0       500
40795 The Phantom Pimps 500 0       500
40765 2 old timers on the run 250 0       250
40819 Simply The Breast 250 0       250
40824 The Scallywags 250 0       250
40814 Vikings 1 250 0       250
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Team talk and tactics ...

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Car fun

Making a swing in the back of the bumble bee

Incredible Views Leaving Switzerland !

Sore bones, sore heads

So we went from hard bed to small bed and sleep was dodgy at best.

We eventually made it to thun after breaking down somewhere in France. The Sheriffs to the rescue with some cable ties!!!!

Down to the town square for a couple of junfrau beer before that nasty thunder and lightning hit. A burger and bed!

Fast forward to this morning when we got our turbo hose working.

I love the rally but the drive today is gonna be a killer.

Need some help from these guys with the weather today !

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Almost ready to go!!!

The cars a grouping up ready for Day 2!!!

Breakfast of Champions...

...to start the day!! CocoPops and a croissant!!

The 101st Team

Another close shave!

So after a fan belt letting go and various new noises we finally checked in to Hotel Motel Lowen.  Driving through insane lightning and rain we missed check in by 2mins (half-past midnight) instead of turning us away they upgraded us to a massive suite with a bath and mini bar.  We were determined not to miss the third meet up of the day but we have! Chuffed we and the Scirocco made it through the five countries and we got to spend some time in each... See you in the morning!! The Scallywags.

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