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Wednesday, 2 July 2014

The Day Before

July 2013. We had just finished the rally. To much sadness, we scrapped our car. €70 was the price of dreams, passion, up and over the alps many times, the views and the all important drive. €70 is all that was worth. Do yourself and your car a favour, don't scrap it. It's not like your daily drive. It's part of the experience.

In the past year, we have bought and sold 5 cars for this rally. After oil leaks, hippo cars, turbos blowing and clutches needing replaced we settled on our partner for this year. We'll see you at the start line.

This time last year, my sister and brother in law waved off myself, and my 2 nephews. This year, it'll be just my sister waving us off, that is, if she is able to. We lost Brian just 3 short months ago to a rare and aggressive form of cancer. So our journey this year is a personal one.

If this year is anything like last year, we look forward to meeting new friends. Fond memories of the ghostbusters, smokey and the bandit and the blue martini racing teams.

See you all on the start line!

Darragh, Ger & Chris.

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