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Thursday, 3 July 2014

More arrivals....Enjoy guys !

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Buzzin in Lille tonight ...It's gonna be a good one !

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Hands up if your having fun !

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Scallywag Ride

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Ready to Rally !

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And weeeeer'e offf...

Well despite a variety of noises coming from the car..   we are here in Lile.. Despite booking the hotel for tommorow rather than tonight when we are here.. We are actually in a hotel.  My job is to drive, Beau's job is to say " Right! Not Left " ( especially at roundabouts).  Now the adventure really starts tomorrow and we are looking forward to seeing all the other Wacky entries!

Beau and Russell a.k.a the Scallywags.

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Before we even landed in Dunkirk!!!

More danes in Lille

Vikings 2 also in Lille. Incredible what 300£ Can buy in England.

Arrived in lille

Team vikings 1 have just arrived in lille.

On way to cafe oz

No idea where we are,  on foot to cafe oz in need of food and beer 


just grabbing a quick baguette and then we're ready

The Two Crips made it to Lille, that's the easy bit !!!!

On route

M6 cutting if fine for ferry @12opps team fab1